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Sunday, February 16, 2014

21Shoe Event

Today, I'm here to tell you about a new group that's been formed in Second Life, and you just may want to join it, since it's free.

The group is called 21Shoe Event Group. Shoe designers offer two pairs of shoes for the price of one, and that, my friends, is exciting. Especially when you consider that I just received a notice that N-Core is offering two pairs of shoes on February 21. Tell me that these sexy shoes just don't make you drool!

So hurry, get inworld and sign up!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Beautiful People

LivGlam recently released a new line called Black Label. Black Label means that you are buying a garment that is 100% original mesh and textures - and not duplicated by anyone else in the market. Yes, exclusive originals. It excited me to hear this because I've gotten pretty tired of seeing the same mesh in 120 different stores, and only the textures change. The Black Label line also comes with a HUD with 60 different colors, so you have a wide assortment of outfits, by just purchasing one. The Black Label line is a little more expensive, but for exclusivity, I don't mind paying.

LivGlam has also recently moved, so please be sure you're using this link to get there.

This is the Black Label "Beautiful People" and I immediately fell in love with this outfit. The textures are so well done that I keep zooming in and looking at them! Even though the Black Label outfits are a little higher, this particular gorgeous outfit is part of the Love is in the Air event, more info on that below, and you can find it at LivGlam for the insanely low price of 55L.

About the Love is in the Air event:

From February 13 at noon to February 28, LivGlam will feature these exclusive designs at the event where “True love stories never have endings.”
You are cordially invited by Siren Productions in conjunction with Gizza Creations to Love is in the Air. This exclusive event is by invitation only and will feature only 25 of Second Life’s top designers. We want to celebrate all the romantic things in life flowers, chocolate hearts, champagne, love poems, and grand sweeping romantic proposals of love.
All designs will be placed in a special Valentines day runway show Feb. 14th, 2014 at 12pm and 5pm SLT.

All designers will be creating 2 new releases, either 1 for men and 1 for females or 2 for women with a romantic theme of love. Be swept away with our grand romantic gesture!
Skin: League - Isla
Makeup: MOCK - Sahne Bitter Chocolate Lipstick
Lashes: Redgrave Diva
Hair: Truth - Felicity
Jewelry: Earthstones - Chandraki (Tigers Eye)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Goodnight Irene!

Today I wanted to share with you an outfit by Prism Designs called Irene. It's a knit dress that comes with a resizable belt and three different scarves that you can wear with it. It's available at Prism in four different colors for just L$349. This is the Black Multi, and also available is the Taupe Multi, Green and Purple, and Brown Multi.

Hair: D!va - Ruri
Skin: League - Isla (Sunkiss)
Cosmetics: Lashes: Redgrave - Diva, Lipstick: MOCK - Lucir Rubyfruit
Jewelry: Acid & Mala Creations Messed Memory Wire set
Shoes: N-Core - Casting

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beautiful Liar

I have been insanely busy with real life work for the past couple of weeks. I'm so sorry for not posting more often! It's our busiest time of the year, but I hope to get back to regular posting soon!

I wanted to show you this outfit available at LivGlam as part of Steals and Deals through Monday at 11:59PM for only $L55. It's called Beautiful Liar and comes in 6 colors through the HUD.

Hair: DeLa - Vanessa
Cosmetics: Lashes - Redgrave Glamorous, Lipstick - Beautiful Deluxe - Autumn Leaves
Skin: League - Isla
Jewelry: Earthstones - Aculo (Group gift)
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands - Casual
Shoes: N-Core Casting

Monday, January 13, 2014

Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown

This round of Collabor88 features vintage items. I love vintage clothing - it makes me think of photos I've seen of my grandparents when they were young.

The gown I'm wearing is Maitreya's Vintage Lace in ivory. The jewelry is by Yummy Accessories and is called Pearl Wisp in silver. The hair is Averil by D!va's in onyx. All can be found at Collabor88. The shoes I purchased separately and are Alisa Ivory by Kitties Lair.

Also worn:
Skin: League - Isla (Sunkiss)
Makeup: Beautiful Deluxe POE Eyeshadow and Autumn Leaves Lipstick XXVIII
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Nails: Nailed It - Love Donna Flora

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Indyra Originals - Chill Factor

Finally getting over my cold and feeling a little more human...yay!

I've long been a fan of Indyra Originals, so when Indyra Seigo released a notice today showing all of the new items for sale, I immediately popped right over, because first on the list was this cute little outfit, Chill Factor. It comes with the sweater, scarf, leggings, and the skirt in six colors, for a very reasonable 395L. As soon as I tried it on, I knew this would become one of my favorite outfits for the rest of this seemingly never-ending winter.

Outfit: Indyra Originals - Chill Factor (shown in Rose)
Shoes: N-Core - Casting (worn with socks)
Skin: League - Isla (Sunkiss)
Hair: D!va - Astralia (at Collaber88 this round)
Makeup: Lashes: Redgrave - Elemental, Lipstick: Tone - Iced Crushed Berries, Silken Moon Eclipse Eyeliner

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Liv-Glam Secret Wednesday Sale

I've been sick for more than a week so haven't felt like blogging, but wanted to do a quick post for you because this is a Secret Wednesday sale at Liv-Glam. This outfit that I'm wearing, called "She's the One", is going to be on sale for only 49L, along with five other great items! The outfit comes with the t-shirt, jacket and jeans. You won't want to miss this one. I'm sorry that I'm not up to posting all of the items on sale for you, but trust me, you'll want to get there for this one!

Hair: Truth - Lacy
Outfit: Liv-Glam - She's the One
Shoes: N-Core - Cuore
Jewelry: Earthstones - Arron (group gift)
Eyes: IKON Promise - Maldives (new!)
Makeup: Silken Moon Eyeliner Kitten Eye, Redgrave Elemental Lashes, MOCK Ruby Ruby Lipshine, Blacklace Beauty - Hi-Gloss Lips 65%
Hands: Slink - Casual Hands
Polish - Nailed It - Love Donna Flora!


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